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Sequestration Affects CASA, and Children in CPS

Monday, Mar 11, 2013


Sequestration Affects CASA,
Children In Child Protection System

Because Congress could not agree on a budget by March 1, across-the-board cuts in defense and discretionary spending are set to go into effect. The automatic spending cuts, known as sequestration, will affect Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funding, as well as National CASA. Cuts in VOCA funding, including the administrative costs being charged to VOCA grants, could reach 12 percent. National CASA cuts would further reduce funds available for competitive grants to local CASA programs.


The good news is that foster care funding, Medicaid, TANF, food stamps (SNAP), and other critical funds for children that CASA serves are exempt from the full 7 percent budget cut. However, those funds may be decreased by 2 percent. If Congress passes a budget by March 27, the sequester can be reversed. Although the effects of sequestration will occur gradually, the consequences will be felt. These consequences -- job loss, cuts to education and health -- have indirect but substantial effects on the foster care system, and ultimately the resources available to provide each child in the child protection system with a CASA volunteer.


We ask CASA supporters to contact their members of Congress and Senator Cornyn and Senator Cruz to request them to:

1) Support National CASA's request to restore its funding to $12 million/year (2007 levels).


2) Protect VOCA (Victims of Crime Act) funds from sequestration. VOCA is made up of non-taxpayer dollars (fines and fees from federal crimes) and dedicated to crime victims.


3) Sign on to Rep. Ted Poe's VOCA "lockbox bill" to be filed in April, which will protect VOCA from budget fluctuations.


Let us know about your advocacy actions and we'll follow up with your members of Congress!


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