Create Your Legacy


You can leave a legacy to CASA of El Paso by bequest in your will, or in your trust, or retirement plan.


Gifts of Stock

Gifts of stock are another way to make a difference to children across Texas. CASA of El Paso accepts gifts of stocks, bonds or mutual funds.



In December 2015, Congress passed a law allowing you to give up to $100,000 to charity directly from your individual retirement account (IRA) when you are over 70 ½ years old without counting the distribution as taxable income. This type of charitable gift is called a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). Please consult your financial representative to maximize the benefits of charitable giving.




You can name CASA of El Paso (or co-beneficiary) on an existing life insurance policy. In the event of your death, CASA of El Paso receives the proceeds of the policy as a bequest. If you also make CASA of El Paso owner of a paid-up policy and relinquish all rights of ownership, you may be able to claim an income tax deduction for the cash surrender value.


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